How to make a relaxed Christmas season possible - thanks to KnowS

Whew! The Christmas season is a busy time and sometimes quite exhausting. You want to make an Advent wreath, decorate the apartment for Christmas, write Christmas cards or prepare a festive menu? Sometimes a lot of preparatory work comes together at once. In this blog, you'll find out how to keep track of everything and how to tackle all the tasks in the most relaxed way possible.

The Christmas season - a stressful time

For many, the Christmas season is a celebration of contemplative get-togethers with family. For some, however, this time is very exhausting: because you want Christmas to be unforgettable for all family members. You want to fulfill all expectations as best as possible. Since this is impossible, Christmas preparations are quickly perceived more burdensome by the day.


Perfectionist thinking is allowed, but ...

Why should everything always be perfect? Perhaps some preparations can be made easier? How about buying the invitation cards this year? You can also easily find fellow members of the KnowS community who will be happy to do this for you. A Christmas decoration is always beautiful to look at. So why not choose single particularly shiny ones that will spread a festive mood? Baking your own cookies is fun not only for children. But magically packaged, store-bought sweets also always taste great to everyone who receives them.


The art of delegation - everything is easier when you work together

Delegate, delegate, delegate! Family members or friends will be happy to help you organize Christmas together. After all, the celebration should be a contemplative and cozy get-together for everyone. In addition, everyone has the invaluable opportunity to make a personal contribution and share skills with family and friends. This makes the celebration even more enjoyable.


Reinterpreting traditions you've grown fond of

Traditions that people have come to love can be reinterpreted, omitted or rethought. Perhaps the decorating of the tree can be done in a new or different way? Christmas can also be celebrated in a contemplative way without decorating a tree. Connecting digitally is modern. Family members or friends who live far away can easily be connected online.


Less is sometimes more

In the spirit of sustainable development, why not choose gifts that really matter? You can then pay special tribute to these "highlights." Gifts that really have a personal value also give pleasure for longer. How about giving your parents a photo album with your personal highlights of the year or decorating the Christmas tree with your own inspired motifs? If you lack the necessary craftsmanship, you can now advertise your task on and find people who will gladly implement your ideas for you.


The to-do list

Is your to-do list getting longer and longer? Don't wait until you lose track of the organization. Only those who can realistically assess their abilities will know which tasks he or she does best and when. If you don't put off the most unpleasant ones, you'll look forward all the more to the ones you enjoy doing. Do you still have to edit family photos, make Christmas decorations or transport the Christmas tree? Simply advertise your to-do on KnowS and find people who are happy to complete this task for you.


Consciously relaxing

Occasionally relaxing consciously and enjoying beneficial moments in the here and now is good for everyone. Intentional mindfulness as well as gratitude can help to deal with stressful times in a professional way. So why not once again completely relax and drink a cup of tea, give someone a smile, sing a beloved song or have a good conversation with someone? Thanks to these pleasant free spaces, everyday tasks can be tackled much more easily.


Reward yourself from time to time

Reward yourself from time to time! Treating yourself to something good is balm for every soul. A special dinner, a concert, a piece of your favorite chocolate or listening to your favorite music will immediately lift your mood. Or you can treat yourself to a KnowS voucher and do something good for yourself or your loved ones. You can use KnowS vouchers in any possible way you like to relieve yourself or others.


At KnowS you have the great opportunity to make your Christmas unforgettable together with others. At KnowS you will always find Knowsianer who can support you competently.

Sibylle Waldmeier



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