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Be part of the big KnowS community and bring your company forward. KnowS is not only a community marketplace for private individuals, but also for companies.


Whether you are a supplier of services or as a client for using such services. Register your company today and receive additional assignments or benefit from the knowledge of the KnowS community. Thanks to KnowS you will increase your brand awareness and take your company to the next level.

Your benefits as a supplier


Expand your customer base and increase your sales for free.



Thanks to our partnership with Zurich Insurance, you are insured for most tasks.


Receive the agreed amount reliably via the KnowS platform.


Your benefits as a client


Thanks to our partnership with Zurich Insurance, most tasks are insured.



Use the entire KnowS offer at any time free of charge and receive offers from trustworthy verified suppliers.



Secure payment via KnowS.


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