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KnowS works closely with partners to create value for all members of the KnowS community.

If you are interested in a possible partnership, please contact KnowS directly via pr@knows.com.

The tasks are insured by our partner Zurich Insurance


We would like to thank Zurich for the insurance partnership.

With each successful completion a tree 🌳 is planted

KnowS promotes the environment and a climate-friendly future with climate-neutral degrees or services.

For this reason, we set an active example against climate change and protect rainforests, the lungs of our world, with our contribution.

We are committed to ensuring that our society takes an active stand against climate change. That is why we at KnowS also make our sustainable contribution.

With every successful completion of a task, KnowS plants a tree seedling in Borneo, Indonesia.

"We plant a tree seedling on your behalf" and this in cooperation with our partner organization "BOS Switzerland" (https://www.bos-schweiz.ch/).

We act as an intermediary, because the financing of the tree is done thanks to you and your order - be it as a client or as a service provider.

We voluntarily invest a part of the proceeds in tree planting projects in order to give something back to our nature and to counteract climate change. Are you with us?

Join in! We plant trees where they are most needed. Become part of our community, benefit from professional services or attractive orders and make your personal sustainable contribution to the environment. 


CléA is the key to assistance for people with disabilities


The CléA assistance platform is a digital tool that simplifies life with assistance and connects affected persons with personal assistants.

You can find more information here: www.clea.app


storabble is a free comparison platform for the storage rooms in your area

On storabble.com you can find all the storage rooms in your region immediately. With over 10’000 listed storage rooms at over 200 locations you can find the largest offer of storage rooms in Switzerland on storabble. Compare thousands of storage rooms, self-storage boxes, hobby rooms, and garage boxes. Here you will find the right storage room: https://storabble.com/en


MILKEE the simple accounting software


The simple and modern accounting software for self-employed people from Switzerland.

You can find more information here: https://milkee.ch