In the KnowS blog you will find exciting articles, that move our community.

In the KnowS blog you will find exciting articles about freelancer experiences and other important topics that move our community.

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Moving made easy

Before the great joy about your new home can really unfold, there is always a moving day to successfully manage. There is a lot to do at the old as well as at the new place: decluttering, packing, organizing, cleaning, unpacking, assembling, giving notice and re-registering... The list has (almost) no end. Since we have noticed that the KnowS community is currently in moving fever, we have compiled a compact checklist for you. After that, it only remains for us to wish you a wonderful settling into your new home. If you have any additional tips, we would be happy to receive a comment from you. 💙

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1 day at KnowS

Have you always wanted to take a look behind the scenes and find out what a typical day at work in a startup is like? Silicon Valley as the "Mecca of the scene" has shaped the image with several success stories. Countless Hollywood movies are dedicated to the startup scene and captivate audiences with stories about innovative and courageous founders. Is the daily work in a startup really as adventurous as it is sold to us? And what does it actually look like at KnowS? To answer some of your questions, we'll take you to Nordstrasse 190 in Zurich.

Sustainable networking - for our planet

Since KnowS was launched, our community is constantly growing and we are changing with and through you. The bigger the KnowS community gets, the faster, better and more sustainable we become. Sustainable since as the community grows, the likelihood increases that people living nearby will find and support each other. Currently, we already count more than 12,000 active members. Isn't that wonderful? 💙 You too can be a part of this vision, because together everything is easier.

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The basics of safe cooperation

Flexibility in the workplace is a widespread desire - both on the part of the employee and the employer. Freelancing as an attractive work model that fulfills this desire is no longer an unknown phenomenon (see our blog post from April 2021). But even if the unbeatable flexibility sounds tempting, both sides are exposed to a certain risk that should not be underestimated. Learn in this blog what you need to consider and how you can benefit from this working model with 4 quick and effective tips.

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Road to 20'000

KnowS already counts more than 13,000 active members. To make KnowS even more sustainable, our next goal is to reach the 20'000 mark. Sustainable since as the community grows, so does the likelihood that fellow members from the same neighborhood can find and support each other. Because we understand that 20'000 is a big goal, we want to regularly reward selected participants and give away 100 prizes with a total value of more than CHF 20'000. Help us to share knowledge sustainably and become a part of our "Road to 20'000".

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Sustainable upgrading of furniture

A run-down piece of furniture that already shows a few signs of use or the inconspicuous mass-produced item that just doesn't want to fit in with the decor - everyone surely has one of the two in their home. But at the latest since working from home, it is increasingly noticeable and catches your eye. With a few small or large interventions you can change that. This not only upgrades your apartment, but is also sustainable and cost-saving. Knowsianerin Lisa Mathiasen shows you in her blog post a few of her tricks, so that you succeed in upgrading furniture effortlessly.