Complete jobs and earn money

Discover the limitless possibilities of KnowS: No matter what services you want to offer, we offer you the chance to earn money without financial risk and reach a wide range of clients. With us, you can find jobs of all kinds and increase your income at the same time. The best thing about it? We don't charge any monthly fees.

Thanks to our partnership with Zurich Insurance, you are automatically insured when completing your jobs and receive an invoice upon completion. Simply become a provider for jobs of all kinds - register for free and indicate where your talents lie. This way, you can work carefree and professionally while we take care of the rest. Whether it's manual work, creative projects, technical support and other tasks - at KnowS you can put your skills to optimum use and reach numerous customers. Take advantage of the opportunity to earn money without financial risk and become part of a growing community. Easily become a supplier for jobs of all kinds - register for free und specify where your talents lie.

As a supplier at KnowS - How it works

Your advantages with KnowS

No monthly base fees and no financial risk

You pay no basic fees and are your own boss. You can decide when, where and at what price you want to offer yourself thanks to our search function. You have control over your own calendar.

Guaranteed wage transfer after successful order processing

You will receive the agreed amount of money securely transferred to your specified bank account upon confirmation of successful completion. A service fee is automatically included to cover variable insurance and transaction costs.

Benefit from excellent insurance coverage

Thanks to the partnership with Zurich Insurance, you as a provider have liability insurance for all your tasks.

Details about the insurance coverage can be found here.

Become part of the KnowS community

Discover all the part-time jobs and tasks published by the KnowS community und find the perfect job for you every time.

It's that simple

In three steps

1. Find tasks

Use our search box to find published tasks in your area even faster and narrow down your search. Enter your skills in your profile and you will be notified automatically about new tasks.

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2. Submit offers

As soon as you have found a suitable task, you can submit your offer. You decide the time and price of your offer. The customer will choose you if your offer is satisfactory.

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3. Complete tasks

Complete the task of your customers at the agreed time. Confirm the completion, receive your payment and rate your customers.

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The registration is free of charge for you. As soon as you are registered with your e-mail address, you can start the next steps to complete tasks at KnowS.



Before submitting a bid, you must submit a personal ID. We need the ID for payment processing in case you lose your account credentials or someone else gains access to your account.


Bank data

When you place tasks through KnowS, you receive your payment easily and securely to your bank account. All we need is your IBAN number.