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Help Common

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You can use KnowS everywhere. We have currently placed our focus on the cities within the German-speaking part of Switzerland. For this reason, there may be fewer tasks available in your city. Tell your family, your friends, your colleagues about us and help us to become known faster in your city.

KnowS is an online marketplace. We offer a platform for people and companies who want to complete tasks or have them completed. For this purpose, customers search for suitable providers who can earn extra money. In contrast to agencies and portals we do not mediate people to others. Every user can apply for tasks himself. The customer decides who will do the task and at what price. KnowS provides its platform for the mediation.

Data protection enjoys the highest priority at KnowS. All data provided will be kept as confidential as possible by KnowS. More detailed information on this can be found in the privacy policy.

The success commission of 18% is calculated from all processing, insurance and transaction expenses incurred, which must be covered.

Here is an example: Customer is looking for a photographer for 2 hours with a budget of CHF 120.

Gross price: When submitting an offer, the provider indicates the gross price (e.g. CHF 100), which is visible to the customer. The provider also sees directly the net price (e.g. in this example CHF 82), which is paid out when the offer is accepted. The offer price can be changed as long as no offer has been accepted.

Net price: The bidder will receive this amount paid to his specified bank account after the task has been completed (in this example, gross price of CHF 100 minus 18% success commission CHF 18 = CHF 82).

Once the customer has accepted an offer, the customer must confirm the booking with the total price incl. success commission. If the task is successfully completed, the agreed total price minus the success commission is transferred to the provider and KnowS receives the success commission.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, you can always contact us via e-mail

You can also send us feedback at any time via email

We usually respond to emails within 1-2 business days. If you feel that we have not responded to your email, please also check your junk / spam folder.

Please note that we do not currently offer phone support.

KnowS is a trusted community marketplace where customers can enter their tasks in the form of an advertisement and trusted providers can submit their offers to complete those tasks. KnowS connects people who want tasks done with people who offer their skills and knowledge to complete those tasks.

Each person is unique - Each of us has diverse talents and needs - Each person wants to satisfy his needs - Each person wants to develop and use his skills and knowledge. KnowS offers this diversity of activities to everyone.

KnowS offers you a practical and simple solution how to find suitable providers for the completion of your tasks or how to complete tasks as a provider and earn extra money. Individuals and companies in your area, with the right skills and knowledge, help to complete tasks and can earn extra money with their work. You can find any kind of tasks at KnowS.

Register once and get all services quickly and securely from the KnowS platform.

A customer is any person or any company on the KnowS platform that wants to have its tasks done by a provider. The customer can advertise and publish his own task. With the help of our rating system, the most suitable offer of a provider can be selected for the completion of the task.

Providers are private as well as commercial service providers on the KnowS platform, who have skills and knowledge and can offer this for the completion of tasks. The provider can submit offers for a published advertisement of a customer.

It is important to know that certain activities may only be performed by specialized professionals according to applicable state or local law. We strive as best we can to provide security and transparency with features such as ratings, but as a pure marketplace we cannot offer any guarantee or warranty in this regard. This makes it all the more important, before accepting an offer, to find out whether a special specialist or license is required for the task to be completed. The assessment of whether a provider meets these requirements is at the discretion of the provider and customer.

Du kannst als Kunde Aufträge jeglicher Art schnell und einfach erledigen lassen. Genauso kannst du als Anbieter deine Fähigkeiten anbieten zur Erledigung dieser veröffentlichten Aufträge. Du kannst zum Beispiel als Kunde deinen Rasen mähen lassen bzw. als Anbieter den Rasen mähen, als Kunde deine IT-Infrastruktur installieren lassen bzw. als Anbieter die IT-Infrastruktur installieren oder als Kunde deine Haustiere betreuen lassen bzw. als Anbieter die Haustiere betreuen.

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