About us

Every person has special abilities ("skills"), such as the ability to perform specific tasks, or extensive knowledge ("knowledge") to conduct courses. 
In order to bundle these skills and knowledge and make them available to society in one digital place, we founded KnowS

(Knowledge - Skills - now: KnowS).  From you for us - from us for you - KnowS. 

We founded KnowS as a community marketplace so that each person can profitably contribute their own skills and knowledge and at the same time benefit from them. 

KnowS is the safest and fairest community for any service in Switzerland. We promote the social interaction of people with different skills. 

The different skills of us people are easily and quickly available for everyone. Everyone can support each other in a safe environment for any task. 



Our mission

We consider the social interaction of the different generations to be one of the major tasks of shaping a society. Helping each other, offering one's own competencies and skills to others in a community and thus being able to support them - this is what is important to us. 

The KnowS community shares skills and learns from each other. By connecting people with different talents, life stories and cultures, KnowS creates a place of diverse exchange.

That is the reason why we founded KnowS. Hereby we would like to make our contribution to the society in Switzerland, support and promote skills and knowledge. Together we are stronger. 

Any community member can post an assignment for any service at any time, free of charge, and benefit from the skills of the community. Networking is based on the individual needs of the community members.

Guiding principles

Fair business among ourselves is important to us. Everyone should be satisfied after completing a task. 

Our community is open to all. Diversity is what makes us who we are and what sets us apart. 

The community is built on trust, so authenticity is essential. A balance of shared expectations and honest interactions is central to us. All assignments and proposals must be truthfully described and meet our community standards. 

Security is a high priority for all KnowS members. Quotes are only from verified individuals and jobs are insured. The community evaluates each other and KnowS is available to all at all times. 

We would like to make our contribution to a sustainable living culture. For this reason, community members should find each other as close as possible thanks to our matching principles. In addition, we make our active contribution by planting a tree for every successful graduation. 

The team of KnowS

The two founders of KnowS

After graduating from the University of St.Gallen and the University of Zurich respectively, we were both able to develop our know-how in various fields in international companies. We founded KnowS with the aim to contribute to the Swiss society. A service community for all. For the benefit of all.  

Ramin Schams

Founder & CEO

Jann Demond

Software Developer

Frédéric Winz

Marketing & Customer Care


Chief Entertainment Officer

Nico Kemerli

Marketing & Sales