Community standards at KnowS - Respect and Diversity

Diversity as our greatest asset. Each and every one of us has different talents and has a certain set of skills. Our mission is to use the KnowS platform to create an opportunity to make use of the skills and knowledge of all individuals in our society and make them available to those who need them or want to learn something. KnowS provides a community marketplace, where every member has the possibility to offer their services individually. By connecting people with different talents and stories and from different cultures, KnowS creates a place of diverse exchange on this platform. Diversity is what makes us unique and what we are. KnowS focuses on people and their unique talents and skills. This is why KnowS supports the diversity of our society and respectful interaction between all users on this platform. Only by doing so can we fulfill our mission and our suppliers can continuously improve their services.


Our community standards provide information on what we do not tolerate in regards to behaviour and services, in order to protect users and to maintain diversity and respect.


The central elements are listed below and must be strictly adhered to.


Together for diversity and respect - Fair business amongst each other - Doing the right thing . That is what KnowS stands for.


1. Racism and sexual orientation

Racist insults regarding ethnicity, nationality or religion as well as insults of people because of their sexual orientation will not be tolerated and may lead to a suspension or exclusion from the KnowS platform.


2. Fundamentalism

Any form of propagation of fundamentalist ideas regarding religion or politics will not be tolerated and may lead to a suspension or exclusion from the KnowS platform.


3. Prostitution and pornography

KnowS is not a platform for prostitution and pornography. This also includes tasks in the area of nude models. Offering or exercising services in these areas may lead to suspension or exclusion from the KnowS platform.


4. Drugs

Offering or exercising services in connection with illegal drugs will not be tolerated and may lead to suspension or exclusion from the KnowS platform.


5. Theft and vandalism

You should not take property from others or use their property without permission. Neither should you damage other peoples' property while completing a task. In addition, you should not threaten anyone with bad ratings or other punishments or harm in order to receive compensation or other benefits.


6. Authenticity

Our community is built on trust, which is why authenticity is essential. It requires a balance of shared expectations, honest interactions and precise details. Do not misrepresent yourself and always describe your abilities and knowledge truthfully .


7. Reliability

Since everyone in our community makes commitments, we need to be able to trust each other's reliability - whether it's about being on time or truthfully stating skills to complete a task. Offer your services only for assignments that you are able to perform well and always keep your promises.


8. Respect towards KnowS

KnowS is committed to making the skills and knowledge of our society available to those who need them or want to learn them themselves. In order to fulfill our mission, we also want the users of this platform to treat KnowS in a fair manner and in compliance with all applicable laws. Therefore, the exchange of contact information (e.g. telephone numbers, email addresses, residential addresses, etc.) is only permitted after a task has been booked. An exchange taking place before that can lead to suspension or exclusion from KnowS. Encourage a healthy dialogue based on a common understanding and focus on finding feasible win-win solutions for problems.


We are here if you need us.

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