Your security is our priority



With KnowS, countless tasks can be posted and booked by different people in one day.



How is that possible? Thanks to mutual trust and respect.



Designed for trust and security

KnowS is designed to protect you at all times. KnowS provides the following measures:

1. Data Security

All your personal data will be treated confidentially. Your personal data will be anonymized before finalizing the booking of a task and will not be passed on to third parties for advertising purposes.

2. Secure Payments

Our platform ensures that all deposits and withdrawals are secure - this is why we ask you to always and exclusively pay via KnowS and never transfer money directly to anyone.

3. Verified Suppliers

All providers on KnowS are verified. This ensures that all acting individuals actually exist and that no falsified profiles or offers are created.

4. Precaution

We offer a guideline to suppliers, which supports them in their daily work and should ensure that the tasks are carried out flawlessly and trustworthily.

5. Fraud Prevention

An integrated chat and a rating system are designed to prevent any attempts at fraud. That is why you should always communicate and pay directly via KnowS. As long as the entire process – from communication to booking to payment – takes place on the KnowS platform, you are protected.

We are here if you need us.