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“I save a lot of time and nerves with KnowS. Instead of laboriously searching the Internet, I enter my task and receive comparable offers quickly and clearly.”

Andrea - member of the KnowS Community

“It gives us a secure feeling that each supplier and their identity is verified. Furthermore, it is important to us that the suppliers are rated by other customers. ”

Peji & Evelyne - Members of the KnowS Community

“I have already processed several tasks through KnowS. All suppliers have done a super job for all my tasks so far.”

Lukas - member of the KnowS Community

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“I use KnowS because as a self-employed person I can flexibly earn some extra money. I think it's great, I'm insured for the job and receive payment safely after completion. In addition, I can make interesting acquaintances and expand my network.”

Stefan F. - member of the KnowS Community

“As a student, I was looking for a flexible way to earn extra money while studying. I think it's great that I don't have to pay any unnecessary monthly fees and can decide myself about the time, place and price of my offer. The mutual evaluation after completion ensures trust and gives me a good feeling.”

Livia B. - member of the KnowS Community

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Moving made easy

Before the great joy about your new home can really unfold, there is always a moving day to successfully manage. There is a lot to do at the old as well as at the new place: decluttering, packing, organizing, cleaning, unpacking, assembling, giving notice and re-registering... The list has (almost) no end. Since we have noticed that the KnowS community is currently in moving fever, we have compiled a compact checklist for you. After that, it only remains for us to wish you a wonderful settling into your new home. If you have any additional tips, we would be happy to receive a comment from you. 💙


1 day at KnowS

Have you always wanted to take a look behind the scenes and find out what a typical day at work in a startup is like? Silicon Valley as the "Mecca of the scene" has shaped the image with several success stories. Countless Hollywood movies are dedicated to the startup scene and captivate audiences with stories about innovative and courageous founders. Is the daily work in a startup really as adventurous as it is sold to us? And what does it actually look like at KnowS? To answer some of your questions, we'll take you to Nordstrasse 190 in Zurich.