What can i get support for through KnowS?

Are the to-do's in your everyday life piling up? Do you wish you had more free time to do the things that bring you joy and are really important to you?

No problem! KnowS is the ideal place to find support for a wide range of tasks and projects. Whether you're looking for talented people to help you realize your ideas or you need professional support for specific tasks, you'll find inspiration here. From creative online jobs to craftsman services, the offer is limitless! Let's discover the world of possibilities together and move your projects forward.


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Film and photography

Are you looking for a talented photographer, videographer or editor for your next project? Whether product photography, advertising or event photography - at KnowS you will find qualified people with expertise who will support you according to your needs.

IT and hardware

Do you need IT support? Whether programming, IT support such as the installation of devices in your home or even the digitization of old cassettes or VHS tapes - KnowS connects you with experts who can help you improve your technical knowledge or assist you with problems..

Marketing & Design

Are you looking for experienced people in the field of marketing and design? Find support in building your brand, improving your social media presence or creating and designing professional flyers, logos, advertising campaigns or entire websites.

Construction and craftmanship

Would you like to tackle a new craftsman project but lack the expertise or equipment? KnowS can also connect you with competent carpenters, electricians or general craftsmen who can support you with your restoration projects, renovations or repairs.

Moving & delivery

Are you planning your next move? Do you need to pick up furniture and don't know how to transport it? Find reliable help and enable stress-free, organized removals, transport or deliveries.

Living & Garden

Are you looking for someone who can help you with interior design, garden maintenance or even as a feng shui consultant? Find creative minds at KnowS who can turn your ideas into reality with creative approaches and practical implementation.


Tutoring & training

Do you have an important exam coming up? Would you like to learn a new language? Find experienced tutors and trainers or learning partners at KnowS who can help you learn according to your needs. Whether at your home, alone or in a group, you can flexibly arrange your ideal learning environment and continue your education accordingly.

Business & Law

Are you looking for business consulting, accounting services or legal support? Easily find experts in the field of business and law who can take care of your tax return or support you with the preparation of legal documents, for example.

Care & Education

Would you like more time for yourself and your partner? Do you need someone to support an elderly family member in everyday life or are you looking for an entertainer to take a children's birthday party to the next level? Here, too, you can use KnowS to network with social, committed individuals who will be happy to provide you with active support.

Events & Gastronomy

Are you planning an event or do you need catering services? In the KnowS community, you will find people with experience and talent in this field who can provide you with catering services, organize events or serve your guests.


Beauty & Health

Would you like to be styled for an important event? Are you looking for someone to put together a diet plan and advise you on nutrition? Or would you simply like to relax with a massage after a hard week? You will also find specialists in this field who can help you feel good and healthy, both inside and out.


Sport and Leisure

Would you like a personal trainer or would you like to try a new sport? Are you looking for a guide for a hike? Let the sports fans in our community inspire and support you!


Other services

You can also find support through KnowS for specialized services that are not so easy to categorize in a wide variety of areas. For example, for language services, pet care, plant care, rental of bikes, skis or snowboards, sustainability advice or sewing and tailoring services and much more.



In the world of creative projects, there are almost countless opportunities to find talented people who can bring your ideas forward with positive added value. Find the perfect support for you and get ready to tackle or hand over your to-do's of all kinds with KnowS.

We are delighted that you are part of our community! Feel free to recommend KnowS to friends, relatives and acquaintances and get a voucher worth 20 francs for your next order at KnowS.


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