To have or not to have - that's the question here: How to achieve your savings goals in 2022

As we all know, unexpected things often happen. That's why it's not at all twisted to take care of a small financial airbag that will back you up as a nest negg. But we do not only strive for financial security, it is also worth saving for the anticipation of something: a trip, the new touring skis, the first own car, ... The variety of motives is comparable to the universal character of a snowflake.

There are plenty of motives for not losing sight of one's own budget, and many tips are available on the outstretched flat hand: well thought-out savings motives, clearly formulated savings goals, defining measures such as increased cooking within one's own four walls, switching to the bicycle every now and then - we know the drill. The well-known 50/30/20 rule of thumb is often referred to in this context: 50% of income covers fixed costs such as rent, electricity or insurance, 30% of the total budget is intended for variable costs such as household errands, excursions or hobbies, and 20% feeds the piggy bank.

So far so good. KnowS has now thought about how we can support you on the way to your savings goal. Are you ready for our hot savings tips?


Tip 1: Identify your savings potential - but do it right

Did you take a close look at your monthly budget at the beginning of the year and proudly discovered that you can put aside a little more each month? That's great. But you probably haven't considered this yet: Your antique or broken items also hold great savings potential. The tear in your ski pants, the crack in your smartphone display, the rusty bike or the virus on your laptop - let yourself be surprised by the skills of the KnowS community and take a step towards Mother Earth at the same time: Repairing instead of replacing is our savings motto. This way you can save a lot of money and time, which brings us to the next point.


Tip 2: Time is our most valuable asset

A quick calculation, with or without reaching for the pocket calculator, and we already know how much the six lamps cost us, including the material for the independent installation of the lighting. But haven't you forgotten about something in this equation? What wages would you pay yourself for this whole day's work? Now, if this figure is out of proportion to the compensation of an electrician, since he probably would have done the job in at least half the time, then you could possibly invest your time more profitably. Or you could give yourself some time off and recharge your batteries so that you can start your next project with a breath of fresh air. If, on the other hand, your joy in DIY mercilessly overshadows these considerations, we encourage you all the more to pursue your thirst for action. And so on to point 3.


Tip 3: «Create, create, build houses»

With regard to your savings goals, you can also turn the other end: The savings goals can also be given a leg up by using your know-how and skills to land contracts. If you succeed in doing this, why not transfer it directly to your savings account? Take a look at our «Discover Tasks» page, where you'll find a wide range of opportunities to earn extra money and people who are happy to pay you fairly for your efforts. And what about the clients? Of course KnowS also has a savings potential for them - and with that we present you our last savings idea.


Tip 4: A deal made for you

Your tax return - one problem, a thousand providers. The different conditions and prices complete this mixture for an extensive uncertainty on your part. It's much easier if you can see the offers at a glance and compare them together with the corresponding experience values. This not only makes it easier to find the best deal for you, but also saves you the time-consuming task of comparing different websites. Once again, you kill two birds with one stone.


Tip 5: Don't hesitate

You've read this far and you're determined to tackle your 2022 savings goal? Perfect. Then let's waste no time and get your resolutions rolling right away. And if KnowS can help you keep your finances from blowing up in your face, we are exceptionally pleased. If you know any other saving tactics, we'd love to hear from you in the comments.

Your KnowS team


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