In the KnowS blog you will find exciting articles, that move our community.

In the KnowS blog you will find exciting articles about freelancer experiences and other important topics that move our community.

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Freelancer: What you need to know

You can't wait to get started with your self-employment, but you're not sure if you've thought of everything? Don't worry. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started and are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Tax and social security contributions at KnowS

For KnowS, it is important that both service providers and clients are aware of their rights and obligations and thus establish legal employment relationships. A crucial point in this context is the payment of taxes and social security contributions.

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Sustainable networking

The KnowS community is constantly growing and the more numerous the community becomes, the faster, better, and more sustainable we become. Sustainable since as the community grows, the likelihood increases that people living nearby will find and support each other. Isn't that wonderful? 💙 Be a part of it too, because together everything is easier.

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Is your business SEO optimized?

As a freelancer, you spare neither effort nor expense to convince your audience of your services' value and attract new clientele. Your commitment is undoubtedly great. But even before you spend your first franc on your marketing, you have countless opportunities to increase your visibility, because: If you can't be found online, you don't exist. With this blog we want to support all independent and interested people, because our community is important to us and knowledge is priceless. We have summarized for you the 5 golden rules that will make you a star in Google search.

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The basics of safe cooperation

Flexibility in the workplace is a widespread desire - both on the part of the employee and the employer. Freelancing as an attractive work model that fulfills this desire is no longer an unknown phenomenon (see our blog post from April 2021). But even if the unbeatable flexibility sounds tempting, both sides are exposed to a certain risk that should not be underestimated. Learn in this blog what you need to consider and how you can benefit from this working model with 4 quick and effective tips.

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To have or not to have - that's the question here: How to achieve your savings goals in 2022

As we all know, unexpected things often happen. That's why it's not at all twisted to take care of a small financial airbag that will back you up as a nest egg. But we do not only strive for financial security, it is also worth saving for the anticipation of something: a trip, the new touring skis, the first own car, ... The variety of motives is comparable to the universal character of a snowflake. So far so good. KnowS has now thought about how we can support you on the way to your savings goal. Are you ready for our hot savings tips?