Tips & tricks on how to never worry about your plants even during the vacations.

Even though the past few weeks were very rainy, slowly but surely the summer weather appears.
The summer traditions are as usual also included this year.


Vacation at home

Windows are open at night, the scent of a barbecue hangs in the air and we jump out of bed in middle of the night to go mosquito hunting - Oh, how did we miss summer!
Summertime offers the perfect opportunity to get back to our green friends. Whether balcony plants or garden trees - in summer, many people in Switzerland again find the time to relax with gardening.
Especially for those who have opted for another cozy summer at home despite given relaxations in the Corona policy, the quest for one's own green thumb provides a certain vacation feeling.
For example, you can also build yourself or have built a miniature garden. For this you don´t even need a balcony or garden - just a bowl or a pot, plants and a few creative ideas, for which the KnowS community can also support you at any time.

Off on vacation

But there are also those among us who are either freshly vaccinated or after visiting their favorite test center to seek out the faraway.
Our globetrotters can finally get back to experiencing new places, cultures and languages, and follow their passion for travel.
But wait a minute! On the usual travel checklist of the average Swiss (passport, cell phone, keys, suitcase, aromatics, check!) is often missing "plant sitter."
Many plan too late or even forget to organize a person who can take care of the lawn, plants or weeds.

For many individuals, this represents an "Oh, crap!" moment, in which they are already mentally preparing to have to knock the newly purchased orchids into the garbage can after the vacations.

In the meantime, however, there are also those among us who, instead of swearing, express the almost magical word "KnowS".

These experience the so-called "KnowS" moment, in which you instinctively remember the possibility at KnowS to tender for contracts for private services.
Shortly before departure write an advertisement and if all goes well, even still at the airport before departure to choose a suitable person who will then take care of everything.
If the "KnowS" moment should occur a little later, it is even still possible to organize a plant sitter on vacation itself!

Understandably, many people are a little worried about letting strangers into their garden. However, KnowS can take away this fear a little. All providers in the community have been verified in advance and if something should really go wrong, you are covered by means of Zurich insurance.

Let's be honest. There is nothing better than to return home after a tiring but good trip, throw the suitcases in a corner and sit down with a cool drink first in the made garden and enjoy the end of the vacations at home.

Finally, we have a few gardening tips for you:

- Pay attention to the quality of the soil you use! A sandy soil, for example, is very permeable to water, dries out faster and has poor water and nutrient retention.

- The location for your plants is very important! Some plants need a lot of sun, while other plants prefer to be in the shade.

- Know about the right watering! Certain species need more or even less water than others to grow properly.

- Experiment a little! If you are unfamiliar with a type of plant, do not be afraid to explore anyway. Florists or certain bloggers are more happy to share with someone their knowledge and passion.


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