Submitting an offer to KnowS - how do I appear convincing?


You did it! On the KnowS website you have discovered an exciting job that suits you perfectly. You would like to perform this service and you decide to submit an offer. You have successfully mastered the first step. Now the next step is to convince the provider that your offer is exactly the right one.


In this blog you will learn how to be convincing.



Prepare seriously - present yourself - clear and concise communication

Prepare seriously

Solid preparation pays off. Think carefully in advance about what information you will you communicate. After all, it is important to convince the client at KnowS. For example, ask yourself questions like these:

- What knowledge is required?
- What materials do I need?
- What price do I want to pay for the job?
- How much time do I need?
- Do I work on-site or off-site?


Successfully completed tasks speak for you

Why should the bidder entrust the job to you? What knowledge and what skills speak for you? You have already successfully completed a web design web design project? Great! Now you can share this practical experience with the client. Maybe you have already received a good rating at KnowS. Draw attention to it. The client will know that you have already worked successfully for the community of KnowS. Your offer creates trust.


Clear and concise communication

You may want to ask questions about the assignment. Pay close attention to how you write. Write politely, but as comprehensibly as possible. Do not "beat around the bush". Do not ask for information that is already in the ad in order to appear professional.

Essentials first

Box sentences seem cumbersome and the actual idea is often only communicated towards the end of the sentence. Therefore, get to the point immediately and write what is important at the beginning and in main sentences. Foreign words are difficult to understand. Which word expresses your thought appropriately?

Meaningful verbs

The modal verbs should, will, and must often have a demanding or forbidding, such as "You shall do something!" Such sentences are off-putting and the person giving the order feels pressured.


Use active sentences

In an active sentence, the focus is on the thing or person. For example,"You have been awarded the contract!" sounds addressee-oriented, comprehensible and precise.


Be as Smart as possible


When communicating, always be credible, concise and never pushy. If the client feels pressured, you risk not being awarded the contract.

You have the best chance if you convince the bidder to provide exactly the services you want.

Added value creates satisfaction


Before you submit an offer, put yourself in the shoes of the client at KnowS.

What exactly is the service he or she needs? Also think about what additional services will arouse the interest of the client. For example, the job is to mow a lawn. It is certainly also advantageous to know what tricks can be used to maintain the green area in the long term.

For example, a customer needs new wooden furniture. If you suggest using the highest quality material possible for the production, the end product.

By providing additional information, you offer the client added value and remain in competent memory.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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