On the way to normalization

We are slowly but surely approaching normalization. After the last relaxations on April 19 and May 26, to the surprise of many, there was no expected increase in the number of infections and the situation in the hospitals also remained stable. If these developments do not change in the coming days to weeks, we can soon expect further relaxations in Switzerland.


The event and catering industry in Switzerland


Many of these relaxations affect the catering and event industries. These two industries were hit particularly hard by the measures adopted last year. For more than a year, both industries were either unable to open at all or only in a very reduced form. Therefore, the announced relaxation of the measures are all the more important. Restaurants are once again allowed to operate indoors. However, the table restrictions of 4 persons in the indoor area remain unchanged. There is now also light at the end of the tunnel for the event industry. With the upcoming relaxations, cultural events indoors such as concerts, theaters, cinemas with up to 100 people and outdoors with up to 300 people should also be possible. From July, further relaxations with more people are planned.

This also has a big impact on the labor market in these industries: Since many people who used to work in the hospitality industry and lost their jobs due to Covid are no longer on call, establishments may well not be able to handle the initial rush of reopenings. Many cultural businesses also face the question of how to handle the first wave of customers.



Events & Gastronomy at KnowS

For exactly such problems, order-based work is perfect. On knows.com there is the category Events and Gastronomy, which focuses exactly on this topic. Catering and cultural businesses, as well as private individuals, post their jobs under this category when they are looking for people who can support them. This can look very different from job to job. For example, a hospitality business may be looking for service staff for an evening or a cultural business may be looking for assistance with an event. Although restrictions on private events remain unchanged, this too will need to relax in the coming months. Then it may well be that more private events will be advertised on knows.com again.

If you too need support for the coming period, you can advertise your task here and draw on the KnowS community. If you prefer to earn some extra money by helping the industries "Events" and "Gastronomy", you can have a look at the open tasks here. You can also sort the jobs by category, so that you can only find jobs in the Events and Gastronomy category, for example. 




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