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April highlights: KnowS and the community in the spotlight

This April was another busy month for KnowS and our dedicated community. We have launched exciting steps towards sustainability, our front page has changed and a member of the community has published a book on an important topic. 

Highlights of the month

We launched a new feature that allows you to upload skills as an ad and be contacted directly by people for your skills.

We also celebrated a significant milestone in April: for the first time, climate activists were successful in the European Court of Human Rights in their efforts to enforce stricter measures against climate change. This development underlines the urgency of our collective efforts to protect our environment and promote sustainable practices. In line with this, we launched a competition in which we further increased our commitment to sustainability and gave away 5x KnowS vouchers of CHF 50 each.


Community-News: Yvonnes Story

With this monthly blog post, we would like to give our community the opportunity to present themselves or their stories, skills and projects.

This month we want to give this platform to Yvonne, who has written an autograph book about living with mental illness. An important and often under-discussed topic in society that deserves more attention.

If you are interested in finding out more about Yvonne and her story, you can buy her book here.

monthly achievements

conclusion and outloook

A huge thank you goes out to our incredible community, our fantastic partners and our tireless supporters for their outstanding participation and invaluable contributions over the last few months. Your passion for our marketplace and your valuable feedback is what drives us to continuously improve KnowS and make a positive change together.

We look forward to continuing to inspire you next month with exciting news, fascinating projects and further opportunities for networking and collaboration. Stay tuned and let's continue to work together towards a sustainable and community-oriented future.

We are working hard on our Android app, which will be available in the next few weeks. In the meantime, all features are of course also available on the web version. However, the IOS version is already available and can be downloaded free of charge.


You are welcome to recommend KnowS to family and friends. 
As a thank you, you will receive an exclusive voucher worth CHF 20 for your next order with KnowS. 



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