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From dust catcher to unique piece - sustainable upgrading of furniture


How can you upgrade your furniture?

You don't have to be a craftsman to spice up your furniture. For starters, you can easily upgrade your furniture with styling. Sometimes all you need is the right accessories or the right light. So, if you don't want to spend money or tinker, you can easily change the look of your furniture with styling. For example, candles, plants or personal decorations can help. My first design tip for you: try to place decorations in a visually interesting way by varying height, width and material and creating groups of three.

In the next step, you can breathe new life into a piece of furniture with simple interventions. With a color or wood stain, you can quickly achieve a completely different look. Even small details, like new handles on a cabinet, help give personality to large pieces of furniture that you might not be able to paint. When restoring wood furniture, you can simply fill in the small cracks and quirks with wood stain, so you don't have to sand and re-glaze everything and can save materials and time. You immediately think of a suitable piece of furniture, but lack the time, patience or skill to do it yourself? On knows.com you can easily advertise and get offers for restoration without obligation.


With new table legs or feet, you can make an old piece shine in a whole new light. Especially for furniture that is all the way on the floor, it's worth adding small feet. This lifts the look and makes the whole room lighter. You can quickly turn a mass-produced item into a unique piece.

Visible clutter can also make an entire room look out of sync. Therefore, it is worthwhile to attach doors to open furniture. If this is too complicated for you, you can achieve a similar effect with baskets or boxes. However, attaching doors is easier than you think: in the hardware store you can have the wooden panels cut to size and buy the hinges. Now all you need is a cordless screwdriver and some patience to attach the doors and adjust the hinges. And you have a completely new piece of furniture. Or you can find someone in the KnowS community who can do it for you.

Seek help

Not everyone has a cordless screwdriver or paint at home to start a project like this themselves. If you don't have the necessary materials or skills, you can, as already mentioned, look for a craftsman right here on knows.com. In order for this collaboration to run smoothly and for you to end up with a piece of furniture that you really love, you should prepare yourself accordingly.

1. What is available?

Surely you need good photos and the exact dimensions of the furniture, so that the craftsmen can imagine how big this project is. It is also helpful if you already buy additional materials such as table legs, handles, paint, etc.. This way you can make sure that your furniture will meet your expectations.

2. What does the final product look like?

A description of the final product is good, but even better would be sample pictures. You can find endless inspiration on Pinterest or similar platforms. If you can't find a suitable photo, a small sketch will also help. This way, the craftsmen can better measure the effort and make you an accurate offer.

3. Where will it be made?

If you have enough space at home for the conversion of the furniture, it is certainly easiest on site. But if you don't have that luxury, you need to clearly communicate that the furniture may need to be picked up or delivered.

Finally, why would you go to all this trouble? Quite simply, when you upgrade an old piece of furniture, you can save money because you don't have to buy new furniture. Plus, you give your home a personalized look and the whole thing is very sustainable!


I'm glad if I could help you with my tips.

Your Knowsian,

Lisa Mathiasen


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