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Planning and implementation of an advertising campaign

Planning and implementing an advertising campaign takes a lot of time, sufficient human resources and a lot of creativity. 

We at KnowS were also confronted with many challenges during the entire planning and implementation of our advertising campaign. We have successfully mastered these challenges and are happy to share our experiences with you. 


Added value of a good planning

It is important that the responsible persons take sufficient lead time in the whole idea generation process. Central questions can be:

  • Who is my target group or who are my potential consumers?
  • How high is my budget for the entire implementation?
  • What content do I need so that my target group finds my product interesting?
  • On which communication channels do I want to present my product?
  • Which advertising message should be communicated?
  • What file formats (videos, photos, etc.) do I want to use?

As soon as it has been clearly defined who exactly can be addressed with which content on which channels, the entire production of all advertising material can be started.

It is important to determine in advance what is needed for the production of the entire content.

  • What kind of people and how many should be part of the campaign?
  • What costumes should the characters be wearing?
  • Which subjects / elements should be part of the campaign?
  • Where should the production take place?
  • When should the production take place?

We asked ourselves all these questions and came to the following conclusion:

6 videos should be created as well as enough photos that we can show on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, Linkedin as well as on flyers.

We decided that we need 5 people to be the face of the campaign in the videos. We also need a video producer, two photographers and a makeup artist. We bookedall the people directly through KnowS. 

The costumes should be chosen as diverse and serious as possible. As a shooting location we have chosen our office as well as a central place in the city. The whole production will take place on a fixed day.

We have created our KnowS watch as the subject. Why a watch?

Like a Swiss watch, KnowS stands for quality, variety, Swissness and punctuality. Since we often have a lot to do and don't know how to manage all our daily tasks and the clock is constantly ticking, it's time for KnowS in those moments.

The people within the KnowS community are there to support each other at any time across generations.

Approach for the implementation and production

After we had completed all the planning in the best possible way, we created all the material for the advertising campaign 1 week later on a fixed day. 

During the whole implementation of the whole content it is important that all participants are instructed clearly and understandably by the responsible persons at the beginning and each person knows exactly what the goal of the shooting day is and what each person should pay attention to. 

For each individual scene, each person must be equipped with the right costume and know what the specific task is.

Good time management is important. Care must be taken that no more is used for the individual scenes than has been planned. 

Thanks to good planning and clear communication at the start of the shooting day, we were able to carry out the whole production of videos and photos with high quality and efficiency. 

After the shooting day we thought about how we could best incorporate our subject the "KnowS watch" in the videos and photos and finally produced all the material. 

The main points to consider

From our experience, these are the essential points that must always be taken into account:


  1. Allow sufficient time throughout the planning process
  2. Define the total budget and set a maximum value for each detailed item
  3. Book involved persons in time
  4. Instruct all involved persons clearly and understandably in advance
  5. Define 1-2 responsible persons on the shooting day, who are responsible for compliance with all specifications (time, quality, etc.).

There are some points that have to be considered in time when planning and implementing an advertising campaign.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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