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In the KnowS blog you will find exciting articles, that move our community.

In the KnowS blog you will find exciting articles about freelancer experiences and other important topics that move our community.

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Saving time at home: How a domestic helper can simplify your life

In this article you will learn how you can simplify your life thanks to a home help. So you have more time for yourself or your family.

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Happy when you knows it

KnowS.com ist der Schweizer Community-Marktplatz für Dienstleistungen aller Art. Wir machen sowohl jene glücklich, die ihre Skills gewinnbringend anbieten wollen, als auch diejenigen, die auf der Suche nach Dienstleistungen sind. Aktuell läuft unsere grosse Werbekampagne.

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Wir schenken dir einen Gutschein deiner Wahl

Egal ob du nach Support für deine To-Do's suchst oder deine Skills anbieten möchtest. 💙 Bei uns wirst du fündig. 💡 Veröffentliche kostenlos deine Anfrage - buche bis Ende Juli und gewinne einen Gutschein deiner Wahl im Wert von 50 Franken.

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Freelancer: What you need to know

You can't wait to get started with your self-employment, but you're not sure if you've thought of everything? Don't worry. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started and are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Tax and social security contributions at KnowS

For KnowS, it is important that both service providers and clients are aware of their rights and obligations and thus establish legal employment relationships. A crucial point in this context is the payment of taxes and social security contributions.

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Sustainable networking

The KnowS community is constantly growing and the more numerous the community becomes, the faster, better, and more sustainable we become. Sustainable since as the community grows, the likelihood increases that people living nearby will find and support each other. Isn't that wonderful? 💙 Be a part of it too, because together everything is easier.