In the KnowS blog you will find exciting articles, that move our community.

In the KnowS blog you will find exciting articles about freelancer experiences and other important topics that move our community.

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Find trained technicians and graphic designers

We are technically skilled and up to date and have a trained eye for graphics & design. Post now for free what you need support with and get instant quotes.

Make each other happy

KnowS already counts more than 15,000 active members. To make KnowS even more sustainable, our next goal is to reach the 20'000 mark. Because we understand that 20'000 is a big goal, we want to regularly reward selected participants and give away 100 prizes with a total value of more than CHF 20'000. Help us to share knowledge sustainably and become a part of our "Road to 20'000".

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Checklist for your move

Since we have noticed that the KnowS community is currently in moving fever, we have compiled a compact checklist for you.

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Our advent calendar

We are ready - are you? With us, every day is like Christmas. With a little luck, you can win cool vouchers for you and your loved ones every day. Let yourself be enchanted by December and take part in the raffles of our digital advent calendar. Don't forget to check back every now and then, because: We add lots of new coupons for you every week. KnowS wishes you a wonderful Advent season.

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Find competent tutoring for free

Because everything is easier when you're working together: Find competent tutoring, experts for proofreading and formatting, crash courses, and more.

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What is Online Marketing?

Since many fellow members of the KnowS community manage their own business, we have compiled an overview of key online marketing activities.