Find for free experienced moving helpers

Before you can really start enjoying your new four walls, you have to successfully complete one day of moving. There is a lot to do at both the old and the new place: clearing out, packing, cleaning, transporting, unpacking, assembling.... The list has almost no end.

The KnowS community can help you with all sorts of things on your moving day. Post now for free what needs to be done for you on that day and immediately receive various offers from private moving helpers and moving companies in your area:

Find experienced and affordabe moving helpers

You want to offer your own services and earn money?

No matter what services you want to offer. With KnowS you can earn money without financial risks and still reach countless customers. You can find tasks of all kinds and earn money with your talents. The special advantage: With us you pay no monthly fees.

Thanks to the partnership with Zurich Insurance, you are also automatically insured for the completion of your tasks and receive an invoice upon completion. Easily become a supplier for jobs of all kinds - register for free und specify where your talents lie.


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