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A lot of sleep is important

In the Corona period, which has now lasted more than a year, and the associated home office, we often find it difficult to draw a clear line between work and leisure. This leads to the fact that many are mentally at work into the deep night and thus can not relax. This quickly had the effect that many complain about too little and poor sleep. 

For this reason, we have dealt with exactly this topic. On the one hand, we looked at the many reasons why sleep is important. On the other hand, we also went in search of tips from experts to understand how each of us can get more and, moreover, better sleep.


Why good sleep is important

We have gathered here the crucial two main reasons why getting plenty of sleep is important. First, memory is affected when the body is sleep deprived. There are some studies that suggest that the memory of sleep deprived people may work worse in both the short and long term compared to rested people. In the short term, sleep deprived people can remember and commit to memory much less, while the long term consequences include a greater risk of dementia. 

Second, large differences in heart health are also evident between sleep deprived and rested people. This can be illustrated by an astonishing example. According to data analyzed around the world by a sleep expert named Matt Walker, large fluctuations are evident in the days of changeovers between daylight saving time and winter time. In spring, when we switch to daylight saving time, the night is an hour shorter for most of humanity. Amazingly, the next day, the number of heart attacks reported worldwide increases by 24% compared to the previous day. However, if we get one hour more sleep in the fall, we can measure 21% fewer heart attacks. This example shows how much impact sleep can have on the cardiovascular system.





What can each of us do to improve our own sleep

There are several measures that will help you: 


▶️ Prioritize: We should always go to bed and get up at the same time, if possible. Developing a routine - just like the warm-up program for sports - is helpful for relaxing more quickly and getting to sleep. This routine can look very different and depends on individual preferences. Meditate a bit in the evening or take another evening walk. Downshift and relax is the motto. 💪

▶️ Rhythmize: For sleep to be restful, you need the right conditions. Ventilate the bedroom well, find a comfortable temperature.🗣

▶️ Ritualize: Caffeine, alcohol, eating just before sleeping are not a good idea, because then the body has to deal with digestion and detoxification. Refrain from watching TV, smartphone or laptop before going to sleep. The blue light they emit keeps us awake and you literally miss falling asleep. 🤳

It is also important that your to-do's for the day are completed so that you can sleep in peace.



What is your opinion about it?

At this last point with completion of the own to-do list, however, it can often fail. Because in increasingly stressful times, it is more and more difficult to complete the to-do list in time. 

A big help can be to hand in all the tasks that you just can't get to in time. That's what KnowS is here for. There are many people in our community who are willing to help you with these tasks every day. If you want to submit your tasks, you can always post them here and connect with people who can help you in a timely and competent manner.

Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments.





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