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Do you need tutoring in a specific subject, would you like to have your Bachelor's or Master's thesis proofread, are you looking for someone to format your scientific work or do you need a crash course in Excel, PowerPoint and Word or something else entirely? Post now for free what you are looking for and get offers from different experts. They can help you with subjects such as chemistry, physics, maths, accounting, statistics, computer science and many more. You can also find talented language tutors who can help you with French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and many other languages. Spelling professionals check and correct your written work and put the finishing touches on it before you hand it in. Whether you are a pupil, student or looking for further education: Here you can find the right person for you and set the price yourself.

Tutoring, proofreading, formatting and more

You want to offer your own services and earn money?

No matter what services you want to offer. With KnowS you can earn money without financial risks and reach countless customers. You can find jobs of all kinds and earn money on the side. The special advantage: With us, you pay no monthly fees. 

Thanks to our partnership with Zurich Insurance, you are automatically insured for the completion of your assignments and receive an invoice upon completion. Become a provider for all kinds of tasks - register for free and indicate where your talents lie.


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