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What is possible with KnowS: advantages and central features

In a world that is becoming increasingly faster and more connected, efficient and reliable solutions for everyday and professional life are in demand today. KnowS offers you exactly that: a platform that enables you to find support for a wide variety of tasks quickly, easily and securely, but also to monetize your own skills and support other people. 

But what exactly makes KnowS special? What advantages do we offer you as a user? 
In this blog post, we briefly and concisely present the key features and opportunities that using KnowS offers you.


User-friendly platform

Our website and app are intuitively designed so that you can create listings and compare offers quickly and easily. The clear design makes it easy for you to find suitable experts, communicate with them via chat, manage your orders and bookings and much more.


Free use

The use of KnowS is free of charge at all times. Regardless of whether you are looking for support or want to showcase your skills through an advertisement.
Try it out right now: 



Diverse categories

We cover a wide range of categories so that you can easily find experts for almost any task. As the provider of your skills, you can set up a search subscription to be notified of new jobs in the categories that interest you at any time. 


Transparent evaluation system

To make it easier for you to choose the best experts, KnowS offers a transparent rating system. Former clients rate the services of the service providers and vice versa, so that you can see at a glance who can reliably and competently carry out your orders.

Insurance by Zurich

Every booking, regardless of the area, is covered by our renowned partner Zurich Insurance. This gives you the necessary security and confidence that you are always on the safe side when processing your orders. 

Your benefits:

Save time

With KnowS, you can quickly and easily find people who are dedicated to your to-do's and can support you in a wide range of matters. This saves you the tedious search for industry-specific service providers on the web and allows you to use your valuable time for other things.


Cost efficiency

Thanks to the large number of providers, you can compare offers and select the right price-performance ratio for you. This not only saves you time, but also money.


Versatile support

Whether you need help with household chores, IT problems, craftsman tasks or professional tutoring - we offer you tailor-made support in every area, all compactly combined on one platform.


Local networking

By using KnowS, you support local, independent service providers and help to strengthen the community. You benefit from fast response times and personal contacts on site.



KnowS allows you to access services according to your schedule and needs. The platform is available around the clock, so you can post ads and view offers at any time and from anywhere.


You are welcome to recommend KnowS to family and friends. 
As a thank you, you will receive an exclusive voucher worth CHF 20 for your next order with KnowS. 



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