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KnowS stands for sustainability

At a time when awareness of sustainability is becoming increasingly important, it is crucial that companies and communities act together. At KnowS, we see sustainability as a core value that is deeply embedded not only in our actions, but also in our daily practice and company design. We critically observe the increasing consumer mania characterized by events such as Black Friday and want to counteract this decisively. This has motivated us to go against the trend of overconsumption and show alternative ways of living and consuming more consciously.

As we face up to this challenge, recent developments show just how urgent these changes are. For the first time, climate activists have succeeded before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) to enforce tougher measures against climate change. The judges found that Switzerland had violated the applicants' human rights. In addition, climate change and its consequences were allegedly not addressed in a timely and appropriate manner in relation to the self-imposed targets. (tagesschau.de)

Benefit from the Greenweeks at KnowS all year round and get a discount of CHF 30 on your next booking with the code "Greenweeks". 🌳 Our "Greenweeks", in which we increase our commitment and plant twice the number of trees, are just one example of our efforts to promote sustainable thinking and action. These campaigns not only serve to minimize our own ecological footprint, but also to raise awareness of the issue in our community. In doing so, we rely on an informal environment in which ideas and tips for sustainable living can be exchanged.

Another pillar of our sustainability strategy is our long-standing partnership with the organization "BOS-Switzerland". Thanks to the commitment of our community, several thousand trees have already been planted. But for us, sustainability doesn't just mean conserving resources, it also means taking action locally. During a business trip with Myblueplanet, for example, we lent a hand and supported local projects to put our values into practice.

Community engagement is of crucial importance to us. By expanding our community, we are creating an increasing local network that enables us to support each other within the community. This not only promotes local cohesion, but also saves valuable emissions that would be caused by longer journeys.

In addition, KnowS offers a wide range of ways to find experts who can support you in the area of sustainability in various ways:

When it comes to IT hardware and software, you can find professionals who can help you repair computers and other devices or install energy-efficient software.

In the construction and craftsmanship area, craftsmen are available to help you repair bicycles or other vehicles, or to support you with projects such as building furniture from sustainable materials or renovating rooms using environmentally friendly building materials.


We also offer experts for the home and garden who can help repair household appliances or design sustainable garden concepts that promote biodiversity. 
By using KnowS, you can not only save money, but also actively contribute to protecting the environment and ensuring a liveable, community-oriented future for generations to come.


Your voice for the environment. 🍀 
Use the comment function at the bottom to share your thoughts and experiences on the topic of sustainability. We will not only reward your participation with 5 planted trees per comment, but will also raffle off 5 x 50 francs KnowS credit for the next booking among all commenters.

Let's move forward into a sustainable future together. 🌍 🌱


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We at KnowS are committed to sustainable practices and are therefore happy to point to "NIKIN" as another Swiss company that shares our values and makes a positive contribution to the environment. NIKIN is an inspiring example of sustainability in fashion. The Swiss company stands for high-quality clothing and accessories that are not only stylish but also produced in an environmentally friendly way. Their commitment to the environment shows that sustainability and success can go hand in hand. Take a look and discover their unique products!


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