Is your Business SEO optimized?

As a freelancer, you spare neither effort nor expense to convince your audience of your services' value and attract new clientele. Your commitment is undoubtedly great. But even before you spend your first franc on your marketing, you have countless opportunities to increase your visibility, because: If you can't be found online, you don't exist. With this blog we want to support all independent and interested people, because our community is important to us and knowledge is priceless. We have summarized for you the 5 golden rules that will make you a star in Google search.

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Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is a method of improving the visibility of your website in search engines. SEO aims to make your content appear in prominent positions in the unpaid search results. Have you ever heard of the click-through rate (CTR)? This describes the number of clicks on your content in relation to total impressions. The higher up you appear in Google search, the more clicks your post will receive proportionally. To illustrate:

If you appear on the 1st position due to a search query, you will achieve on average 30% of all clicks, on the 2nd position about 15%, on the 3rd position about 9%, on the 4th position about 6%, on the 5th position about 4%....

So where you appear in the Google search query is of great importance.

How does Google determine my positioning?


Google regularly "reads" content - both new and old. This is also called crawling. Your content is then indexed, which ultimately determines your ranking. It is important to know that each of your subpages is evaluated individually. The quality of each of your pages is determined by the...


1. Content algorithm

This evaluates the added value that your page provides. You add value when you respond to a need with meaningful content. Find out what your customers are looking for. The content algorithm evaluates both the message of your post and how you communicate that message: do your users need a guide, an infographic, a checklist, or rather a how-to guide?


2. Link algorithm

The more links pointing to a page, the higher the weight of that page. But be careful: Don't buy links and stay away from marketing companies that promise you too many links too quickly. Use trustworthy links (for example links from your social media channels or partner websites).


3. Copyright algorithm

This point is self-evident. If you copy content from other website and publish it as your own, it will negatively affect your ranking. Dare to communicate your knowledge in your own words.


4. Local search algorithm

Its main task is to correctly match local results with detailed user queries. Your ranking improves with public reviews and comments and also by responding to them.


5. Layout algorithm

This evaluates the ratio of content and display in the directly visible area (i.e. without scrolling once) of a web page. The goal is to improve the user experience of the first few seconds. Of course, mood images and videos are powerful elements to draw attention to your website and make it look good. However, you should keep in mind that your users also get an overview of the most important information before they even start scrolling.


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